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Road Manners

Appealing floor plans and interiors are certainly priorities when purchasing a new coach. However equally important is how it handles down the road in the real world environment.

We believe a new motorhome should not "rattle and rock" as you travel down the highway. Nor should you have to hold on to the steering wheel for "dear life" when high winds prevail. When driving all day, you shouldn't arrive at your destination "fatigued" due to poor coach handling.

Lazy Daze coaches are engineered to maximize handling. A low profile design has been incorporated which yields a lower center of gravity. The lower the center of gravity, the better the handling will be. Our coaches average just over ten feet in height measured from the ground to the top of the roof air conditioner.

The motorhome body has been designed to cheat the wind which not only helps improve handling but fuel economy as well. The sharply angled exterior cab over nose cap has been designed to slice though the wind. The bottom side of the cab over has been cleanly integrated into the chassis cab roof to eliminate the open "pick-up camper" gap. All the exterior body corners have been rounded over and the lower body panels have a radius corner integrated into its bottom edge. Rear wheels skirts have been added to help transition the airflow past the normally open rear wheel wells. Even a sleek awning with legs that store inside an enclosed case is included.

Conservative wheelbase to length ratios have also been incorporated into our various models. Good wheelbase to length ratios eliminate excessive rear overhang that can create poor handling characteristics.

This combination of a low profile silhouette, sleek aerodynamics, efficient weight distribution and proper wheelbase to length ratios all come together to create a motorhome with superb road manners.

Whether traveling on curvy mountain roads or in windy conditions a new Lazy Daze motorhome is designed to meet the challenge!

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