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Visiting the Factory


Here at our factory in Montclair, California we have a showroom where you can see and inspect our latest model lineup. This is our only location and you may visit anytime during our business hours. No appointment is required.

Just about every customer, who purchases a new Lazy Daze, visits our factory showroom before placing their order.

Many of our customers spend months and sometimes even years researching all of the new RVs on the market before making their purchase. The more they research, the more they find us at the top when it comes to quality, value and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this research leads them to visit our factory showroom.

The majority of our customers, buying new coaches today, reside outside California. Consequently, most of them fly in to visit our showroom. The Ontario International airport is located approximately eight miles from our factory.

There are numerous hotels near the Ontario airport. Most of them offer a shuttle van service between the airport and their hotel. If you fly in during our business hours, one of our staff will personally pick you up from the Ontario airport or from your hotel near the airport and bring you to our factory. Just let us know when you plan on arriving.

When you visit our factory, you may leisurely inspect our various showroom models. Selling our product directly from the factory, allows us to utilize our knowledgeable factory personnel for sales rather than commissioned salespeople. This means no high pressure sales tactics, just honest answers to your questions about our new models.

When it comes to pricing, we make it easy. Because we have eliminated the retail dealer and sell our coaches directly to you at dealer cost, we are able to offer "no negotiation" pricing. Everyone pays the same current base price on any ordered coach. You do not have to be a "wheeler dealer"' when buying a new Lazy Daze or ever wonder if someone else received a better deal.

We invite you to come inspect and test drive a new Lazy Daze to see what a solid, great handling coach is all about. Then compare. Once you do, we think you'll agree that a new Lazy Daze is the best class C on the market!

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