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Why should you purchase a motorhome direct from the factory?

By eliminating the "middle man" or retail dealer we are able to offer our new motorhome purchaser a better value for their money.

Selling directly from our factory has numerous advantages. One of the biggest advantages is the quality/price relationship created using this direct marketing approach.

Our factory direct only sales allows us to offer an exceptionally solid, high quality, very well equipped coach at an extremely competitive price when compared to other "high end" class C motorhomes.

Because we are a true factory direct manufacturer, we have no sales outlets or dealers that ultimately add additional cost to the price of the coach.

If we had sales outlets or a retail dealer network selling our coaches, the MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) would be $20,000.00 more per coach than our factory direct wholesale pricing.

Why? Additional overhead. By eliminating the retail dealer, we are able to eliminate unnecessary cost such as destination charges (the cost to drive the motorhome from the manufacturer to the selling dealer), flooring cost (the cost to finance the coach while it sits unsold on the dealer lot), pre delivery inspection "PDI" charges (the cost to inspect the motorhome prior to delivery to be sure the components etc. operate ), dealer overhead (the dealers facility, maintenance, insurance, personnel, washing and maintaining product inventory etc.) and of course dealer profit (the additional mark-up that is added above and beyond the original manufacturers profit).

So as you can see, buying a big ticket item such as a motorhome directly from the factory can add up to big savings!

Since we build our coaches to order, our customers are able to select from our available choices in floor plans, colors and options. This in turn helps avoid the compromising that commonly occurs when purchasing a new "pre built" coach from a dealer's inventory. Because we build to order, you will never end up with a coach that may have been sitting on a dealer's lot for months on end with lookers wandering in and out of it daily.

Another advantage of our direct sales is the low mileage on the odometer when the coach is picked up at the factory on delivery day. The majority of new coaches sold today have been driven from the manufacturer to the selling dealer. In many cases, they have hundreds or even thousands of potentially hard driven miles on the odometer. When you pick up a new Lazy Daze it has minimal mileage (generally well under 100 miles) on the odometer. This allows the owner to know how the new engine, transmission and brakes have been broken in to maximize longevity.

A final spin off advantage of our factory sales is the personal relationship created between our customers and staff. We are able to receive direct customer feedback which helps us continually advance our product and its features to an even higher level.