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"Icing on the Cake"

We have an excellent coach repair service at our factory location, for Lazy Daze owners. Factory service is always your best choice for knowledgeable repairs, however, for our customers that reside too far away; they can contact their local independent RV repair shop. Outside of our factory, this has been the best choice for repairs on RV's of any make. Their business survival is dependent upon being able to do quality repairs on all RV makes and models, not selling new RV's.

This allows us to offer a national warranty program for our motorhome -- which includes one year parts and unlimited mileage. With clearance from our office, we reimburse our customers that live a reasonable distance from our plant, for any warranty work completed by another RV repair company. Typically, the chassis and major appliances carry their own national warranty.

Is a detailed owners' manual furnished with other brand new motorhomes? Are other brand new motorhomes thoroughly checked out with the customer at delivery time? We provide a comprehensive 143 page owners' manual at the time you order your new Lazy Daze. At delivery, a Lazy Daze factory trained technician spends up to one half-day demonstrating and checking out your motorhome with you. After reading our manual and going through our delivery orientation, you should leave our factory with a thorough understanding as to the operation and care of your brand new Lazy Daze.

Why settle for second best when you can own a Lazy Daze for your new "vacation home" on wheels. Travel the highways and byways of our great country in the luxurious comfort of the best Class "C" motorhome available, Lazy Daze.

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