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Creature Comforts

All new Lazy Daze coaches come equipped with an outstanding level of standard equipment and features to increase livability. Lazy Daze installs numerous, generously sized windows in all their models to create a spacious, wide open feeling interior. The large windows also allow for a virtually unobstructed view of the great outdoors. Isn't this one of the main reasons to purchase an RV?

27' Rear Bath w/ cherry finish cabinets

To keep the great outdoors outside and provide all weather comfort, every new Lazy Daze coach is built with excellent insulation. Insulating thermal pane windows are standard on every model. All coach windows are deeply tinted for daytime privacy, comfort and interior U.V. protection. The floor, sidewalls and roof are insulated using 1 1/2" Polystyrene block foam insulation. Even the roof vents and skylights utilize insulating double dome covers.

To help maintain a comfortable interior temperature, each coach is equipped with a 120 volt large 15,000 BTU A.C. with heat pump. Not only is this unit able to cool the coach, it is able to heat it as well! An advanced wall mounted digital readout thermostat is included so you can set it and forget it. Of course a propane furnace is included in each coach.

For mild climate, every coach is equipped with three Fan-Tastic brand roof vents. These vents utilize large 12 volt fans that can effectively move air in or out of the coach. They are strategically placed to help ventilate the interior during warm days or nights.

When it comes to dry camping (boon docking) we have you covered. Generous fresh water capacities averaging 50 gallons are a given for each floor plan. A 4,000 watt 120 volt generator is standard on every model. To help maximize the 12 volt electrical system and minimize maintenance, two maintenance free heavy duty six volt premium quality Lifeline brand AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries are used. They have the ability to charge faster than typical lead acid batteries. The two batteries are wired in series to supply 12 volt power to the coach interior. To help keep the AGM house batteries charged, a 100 watt solar panel with a digital readout charge controller is standard on every model. 12 volt LED lighting fixtures are used throughout the coach interior. These super energy efficient lights consume a fraction of the power of a traditional bulb type light and operate with considerably less heat. These combined 12volt features create an electrical system that can allow you to dry camp day after day and never break a sweat when it comes to battery power!

For entertainment, an in dash radio/CD player is included. This radio includes a wireless remote control that can operate the radio/CD functions from almost anywhere inside the coach. The radio is also equipped with BLUETOOTH, and a USB port.

A built in 12 volt 28" energy efficient LED flat screen TV is also included.

There are numerous innovative, versatile floor plans available that include different lower bed locations and bed sizes. For example, we offer a floor plan with a permanent island bed. Other models provide twin sofas that can be converted to twin beds or king size beds. There is also a queen size bed in the cab-over on all models unless the coach is equipped with an entertainment center.

Our seating areas are constructed with comfort in mind. All sofas, dinette seating and fixed beds are topped with memory foam for added comfort. The front cab seats are both high back for comfort and safety. To help maximize adjustability, the driver seat is equipped with a power seat base and manually adjusted lumbar.

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